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The Power of Goodbye

We've got a lot going on in our lives. Lots of work to do, people to interact with and plenty of material concerns. If our current state is not one of vibrant wellness, consider that somewhere amongst all that, there is something to let go of. Somewhere, we're holding onto something, the time for which is past. Something is mucking up the works. It might be a conversation you've been avoiding (yep, that counts as holding onto something... simple guideline: if you've thought about it more than twice, your holding on!), a cluttered closet, or an old knee-jerk eating habit that's worn out its welcome. It's Spring! Address even just one of these this month and you'll likely find your mood beginning to match the energy of the season. A new sense of purpose, more energy or perhaps that peace of mind that comes with being able to say "Finally! Huh, that wasn't so bad. Why did I wait this long??"

Matthew's Musings

Spring Sprang! One thing we can count on when everything else seems up for negotiation and re-interpretation is that Mother Nature will continue dancing with Old Man Winter in their age old courtship. Here in London, it appears that they have been on good terms with each other of late. Old Man Winter has let her blossom forth in endless displays of flowers on trees and poking from the ground and hanging from eaves. All is possible! And, Mother Nature is still giving him some space in the brighter mornings and evenings to bring his cold, hard reality to light. We can each take heart in that there are rhythms that are deeper than any one of us. We can take comfort especially when it appears that we've lost control of some aspect of our well-being. Remembering that there is nothing to control, but rather there is to focus on what we want and then begin that steady labour of willing physical reality toward our vision. I'm here to walk with you, focus with you and support you and having your vision realized.

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Seasonal Spotlight

This Month's Featured Food - Asparagus!

3 things you didn't know:
  • The best tasting asparagus is the first picked of the season. Now's the time! And, they're quite simple to prepare. Click here to find out how.
  • There is a recipe for asparagus in the oldest recipe book ever found, dating back to the 3rd Century Roman Empire!
  • Just 6 stalks contain enough folates (Vitamin B9) to satisfy 50% of what's recommended daily for the average person.

"I went into my relationship with Matthew having problems with lack of energy throughout the day. Let's fast-forward 6 months into the future. I now have more energy than I ever had while eating less food. My health is pristine and best of all, all of my allergies to foods and synthetic materials have disappeared." - M.F. - Bronx, NY

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