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What to Do About Those Unmet Emotional Needs?

As I realized that Valentine's Day was fast approaching, I suddenly had a thought I hadnít had before. What if underneath the seemingly harmless (and certainly yummy) tradition of exchanging chocolates on this holiday, there is an as yet unexplored undercurrent of emotional numbing?

It's a dicey topic. I know that for myself, I resist the notion that having something creamy and sweet can sometimes be the much easier and tastier option than asking someone I love for some attention! ;) That said, it is possible that, especially pre-Oprah, people knew on some level that something was missing in the touchy-feely department. When they looked around for what would either make up for that or soothe it away, perhaps chocolate seemed the perfect answer.

The thing is, I've learned that any food related event that is happening more than 3 or 4 times per week is an opportunity to become aware of something that's been operating in the background, dulled by the immediate gratification of some mild stimulation of chocolate or the more immediate burst of a glucose induced blood sugar spike. When I let that habit continue without stopping to ask some different questions, I'm missing an opportunity to learn something about myself, share my experience in a new way, and ultimately have more of what I really want. What regular food habits do you have? What might be going on underneath? I'm here when you're ready to go deeper.

In the meantime, here's to chocolate! I will not be demonizing it anytime soon. Like many things food and nutrition, it's all about finding the sweet spot. ;)

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Spotlight On

How close to the source are you willing to go??

If you're currently downing milk chocolate, try a 55% dark chocolate bar. If you're already eating dark chocolate, how about a super-food infused version? Or, if you're already a dark chocolate/superfood pro, perhaps it's time to go all the way to the source and get those cacao nibs into your smoothies!

3 Things To Consider:

  • Contrary to what you might believe, the U.S. doesn't even make the Top 10 for highest per capita consumption of chocolate. The U.K.? #4!

  • The effect of eating dark chocolate on heart rate and serotonin levels lasted 4 times as long as the effects from passionate kissing! Another clue for the emotion evasion puzzle.

  • Let's put the "chocolate causes acne" myth to rest. There is some evidence for the additives in some chocolates spiking one's glycemic index which can cause acne, however chocolate itself has a low glycemic index.

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month:
Are You Neglecting An Important Aspect of Your Life?

We sometimes think if we just eat the latest super-food or take the hottest new supplement, we'll achieve lasting wellness. The fact is, if we are ignoring a critical area of life (career, relationship, spirituality, etc.) no matter what we put in our body, the result will be something less than vibrant wellness. When you begin to pay attention to these areas and approach them newly, you find a deeper contentedness and satisfaction, and when you feel that way, it's significantly easier to make healthier lifestyle and food choices.

Video - Cacao Superfood


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