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Non-Physical Intimacy

I watched a movie recently in which one of the characters made an observation I hadn't fully considered before. The gist of it was that he was aware that he would be spending his entire life on this planet in just his one body. "Now, that's interesting (you might say) but, so what? That's the way it is for us humans." As I thought about it further over the following days, I saw that if I'm always only in this body, I'm never really over there with someone else (physically, sure, but also emotionally or mentally). And, someone else is never really over here with me.

So, where does that leave us? Alone and separate forever? Well, not necessarily. We have moments of emotional connection and mental congruence on a semi-regular basis. But we've got the tools to go further. For anything that I want to create out there in the world (a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, a large bank account) that I don't yet have I'm going to need to let someone into my world. Now, how to do that when I'm in my body and they are in theirs?

The only way is by opening my mouth. I think the metaphor is poetic if we see our body as the outer shell of ourselves. When we speak, we literally open our body to the outside and to others. It's interesting that we have to take action to do that (it requires effort and a conscious intention), while our ears are always open naturally. Once we get in communication about what we want or where we're stopped in our life, the next thing to do is listen. And that's what I've been taking on with a new level of commitment in the past few weeks. I am really appreciating being fully listened to and then fully listening.

I can't help but believe that our quality of communication is related to our quality of health/nutrition. I can see that our mouth, where we express (or don't), is also the place where we take in our food/nutrition.

I invite you to look for yourself, in the next week or so: Where can you speak and really be heard? And where are you listening with an intention to achieve that physically impossible thing…being in another's world? And finally, where are you not speaking and what is the impact on you AND your health?

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Swift Mood Shifts

Jumping Man
Now, because I'm in a light hearted mood, if you want to enjoy the frivolity of 90's pop music, I invite you to click here for an example of the fun of shifting where you are and your body's position.

3 Things To Consider:

  • A study conducted at the University of Texas in 2006 concluded that even a single bout of exercise—30 minutes of walking on a treadmill—can lift the mood of patients suffering major depressive disorder. Remember this the next time your mood turns sour!

  • A study commissioned by the American Psychiatric Association has found that light therapy effectively treats mood disorders…another reason to get out there, even if only for 20 minutes during your day! Go... Now! :)

  • And then if, for some reason, you are unable to get outside, you can also shift your thoughts by viewing something beautiful or mood provoking. Like so

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month:
Does Your Level of Physical Activity Match Your Individual Needs?

When we spend too little time utilizing our muscles, or too much time participating in a physical activity that is not a match for what our particular body type or lifestyle requires (for some people: 10 hours of weight lifting a week just to sit in front of a computer for 45 hours?), there is an energetic mismatch. The good news is, once you find the right mix, right now, for you, you're "in the zone" far more often than you are not.

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