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Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Or, maybe fair trade, dark chocolate and organic almond butter. ;)

Anyway, you know how those two go together. The taste of the chocolate and the consistency of the almond/peanut butter combine in a way that is far more delicious than if you had a spoonful of peanut butter and then some chocolate.

So, I was curious, where else do we find this phenomenon? Turns out, lots of places! I can see it in my relationship with my partner. What we each could create on our own in this lifetime would, I'm sure, be great. Together? We're an adventure having, dream fulfilling, love duo!

I've also experienced it with group dynamics. I participate on a weekly Mastermind Call with 3 others. The depth and quality of support the group offers each individual on that call is far more impactful than a 1-on-1 call with any of them would be individually. The individual call would be great, its just that something ELSE is available with the larger group. There's something in the combination.

I can say from experience that the same principle applies with personal progress. Having access to great information/research/awareness has been critical. Having a coach, at times, to guide me in implementing and holding me to account is where the rubber really started to hit the road. But the thing that I can see has made the most difference is that I've had the tools to take all of the information and all of the coaching and integrate that with my emotional world and physical body. I use Somato Respiratory Integration to do this.

And it's time to start sharing that with others. For more details, I invite you to my first ever tele-seminar! Details to follow in a separate email. I'm bursting with excitement!

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It's Root Veggie Time!

Root Vegetables
As the cool down begins, thoughts turn to heartier fare. Why not expand your root vegetable palate beyond potatoes and carrots?

3 Things To Consider:

  • If you're gonna go for a root veggie bake, you might as well diversify the color! Orange veggies (like carrots or sweet potatoes) indicate the presence of beta-carotene and flavonoids, among others, which are great for eye health and anti-inflammatory.

  • Red veggies (like beets) contain lycopene and other nutrients which support joint tissue and seek out free radicals!

  • Some cultures in Africa and Oceania rely almost exclusively on root vegetables to survive during tough climate periods.

"I've been working with Matthew on a number of areas of my life I want to gain control of. His technique and questions, which at first seemed unrelated to my issues, helped us define how I can go about tackling any problem in a way that makes it solvable. Because of my work with Matthew, I've paid off my credit card debt, am cooking more than I'm eating out, and most amazingly, found the courage to allow love back into my life again."
- Tara M., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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