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Body Talk...Are You Listening?

You've heard of body language, yes? The science and art of communication between two or more people which is non-verbal. That's body dialogue. There's a whole other realm of body language, and this one is a monologue. Although within one person (you!), there is still communication happening: between your body and your mind. You're likely familiar with the common messages your body is sending you and are clear what to do in response. Cotton mouth? Water will likely do the trick. Sore muscles after a long run or some atypical exercise (type or duration)? A hot bath and a massage should do nicely. But some bodily messages are less clear. You see, the body's communication style is rather simplistic, compared to verbal communication. Often, we need to look a bit deeper when we experience those body messages which recur or are acute.

I've recently had a run in with some acute knee pain. After a week of observation, intuition and thought, it finally hit me (after not a little frustration). During yoga practice, I could see that how I placed my feet affected how my knee felt. I was tending to push on the outside edges of my feet rather than the inside. I had a series of thoughts/feelings/intuitions. Am I fully grounded in my life right now? Where am I projecting groundedness externally but lacking some internally? Off the yoga mat, I noticed that there are times when I'm doing so many things in a given day/hour/two minutes, I sometimes switch direction in mid-step. Metaphorically and also physically. Guess what? The pain subsided the very next day after 4-5 days of ouch. Not completely gone, but well on it's way.

I reckon most chronic and acute symptoms are an opportunity to stop, reflect and presence ourselves fully; to direct the mind at an alternate information source than the typical pull outside of ourselves. I encourage you to have a look yourself and am curious to hear what you find!

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Go Nuts!

Go Nuts
And while they do have more fat (the good kind) than veggies or fruit, they certainly beat chips or pretzels in nutritional value! Click here for a yum, fun way to jazz them up.

3 Things To Consider:

  • Nuts are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and palmitoleic acids which help to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increase HDL or "good cholesterol". Fatty, yes! Good for you? Yes! Win-win.

  • Just a 100g serving of almonds gives you 100% of your RDA of manganese, Vitamin E and copper. A few handfuls a day and you're set.

  • Walnuts have been revered since ancient times as a symbol of intellectuality since their kernels have a convoluted surface resembling the brain!

"Since I started SRI about 9 months ago, my awareness of my body, energy and behavioral patterns has increased an unbelievable amount. Matt's teaching and guidance offers an incredibly safe and special environment where we can get to know our own selves on a deep level and to find blocks that have existed since early childhood, blocks which could manifest in illness, fears, poor life choices or cause us to be anything less than our best as adults. This stuff is gentle but powerful and I am so excited to see what happens at each new stage."
- Emily L. - London, U.K.

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