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Your World, Well

Questioning Our Questions

I've spent the better part of 10 years searching for the TRUTH. Well, that's not entirely true. Not some universal truth...more like the truth about ME. ;). What makes me tick? What winds me up? What calms me down? During that time I've discovered so many thoughts about me and the world that were untrue and developed a capacity to be with so many different parts of myself.

I've noticed that each layer of untruth or partial truth I peel back, I find another layer. So, I've started asking some new questions about truth. What if discovering the truth is not about digging deeper and deeper? The old questions like "Who am I?" and "Why do I do what I do?" and "Where am I at in my life?" just didn't do it for me anymore. So, I thought: What if the truth is relative when it comes to my identity and it's evolution? What if the process of questioning is the prize, not the answer?

When I look at all the best parts of my life (my partnership, my practice, the global adventures), it is very clear that the only "truth" about those things is that I followed my intuition at a pivotal moment of choice. It had very little to do with some "truth" about myself that I knew based on my past experience or some insight.

So, as we move through this season of endings and new beginnings, I invite you to breathe some space into your relationship with the truth. The truth is... you get to choose how your life is going to go. And you even get to choose how you remember your past. And, this is a moment-to-moment phenomenon. If that seems impossible at the moment, and you are surrounded by confusion, I'm here to help you come up with some new questions that lead to the answers you're looking for.

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Given the season, if you're gonna splurge on some naughty things, might as well own it and make it your way! Click here for my partner Kyle's scrumptious spelt cookie/biscuit recipe! :)

3 Things To Consider:

  • Cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region. So, they've always been a sugar delivery device. :)

  • Cookies are believed to have initially been created out of necessity. A food that can travel long distances and pack a burst of energy would make a lot of sense back when we did most of our traveling by horse!

  • In Scotland, a cookie refers to what an American or Brit would call a bun. In South Africa, it can refer to a cupcake!

A Well World Goes Public!

There are two exciting developments to share this month. First, I've participated in a project aimed at raising the profile of health coaching, and specifically health coaches who are men. And, part of the proceeds go to charity. Have a look!

And then, just launched this week is a new and exciting resource, which gives people around the world access to a health coach in their pocket! MyOmBody is making health information, tracking tools and coaching support available all in one place on your smart phone! And, I'm honored to be one of the lucky few coaches to be affiliated at launch. Take a look at the beautiful website!

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