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Having Symptoms vs. Being Ill

So, I'm not gonna sugar coat it. 2011 ended in a blaze of "ick". ;) What started as a runny nose and energy dip on the day before Christmas morphed into the kind of ear stuffiness and pain that I'm quite certain I haven't felt since my last childhood earache. Pressure in the head, constant tissue use and occasional low grade fever were my companions for days on end.

As you can imagine, I put much stock in our innate capacity to heal ourselves. So, once I began to understand the severity of what I was dealing with, I went into serious self-care mode. Warm water with lemon and honey all day long. Plenty of rest. And, daily baths with eucalyptus oil.

And you know what? It helped. But the symptoms continued. All kinds of thoughts and emotions came up. What if the pain in my ears causes long term damage? Fear! Frustration. What did I do to deserve this? Why now?

Eventually, I started to see something surprising. As I was lying in the bath tub I realized that I haven't taken a bath for sheer comfort or enjoyment or luxury... well, EVER! And then I thought about all the other ways I "take care" of myself. Yoga. Super foods. Organic produce. Strength training. And, what I realized is that I had turned each and every one of those "self-care" opportunities into just another part of what I do to be the best health coach & wellness educator I can be. They were no longer something I was doing just for me. Something to simply enjoy!

And then I re-remembered why I shun medications meant to minimize symptom so I can keep on "doing" life as I have been. I remembered that when my body gives me symptoms, what there is for me to do is stop, for as long as is needed, to get the message.

So now, I've got a weekly reminder that goes off to remind me to do something, anything, purely and simply as a gift to myself. Not in service of anything or one else.

The moral of the story for me is this: Ignorance (over the counter medication) may be bliss, but sometimes I forget the corollary: Awareness is the gateway to sustainable and extraordinary living.

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Low in Mercury/High in Omega 3 Seafood!

As a counter point to the quote to the left, I thought I'd provide some information for those not planning on becoming vegetarian anytime soon. ;) As you'll see, there's a Pocket Guide you can print... and a sushi selector!

3 Things To Consider:

  • If current fish consumption and population trends continue, the ocean will be completely depleted of wild fish in our lifetimes according to the journal Science.

  • Just one serving of salmon can provide more than 50% of your recommended daily allowance of Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation and improve circulatory system health.

  • Ocean pollution is so widespread that pregnant women in the U.S. are told that no amount of bigeye tuna or mackerel is safe. We have to do better.

"Eating higher on the food chain (meat, poultry, fish, and dairy) exposes one to significantly more environmental carcinogenic and neurotoxic substances which may strongly suggest that not only meat, but these toxins, increase inflammation and chronic disease associated with a flesh centered diet such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (now seen as significantly related to environmental toxin exposure), diabetes, and heart disease, thus decreasing general health, wellbeing, and longevity in modern times. Unfortunately, to prove this with absolute scientific certainty may take thirty years or longer, as it did to prove smoking causes lung cancer." - Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

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