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Changing Your Relationship... With Change

If you know me personally, you know that I'm committed to everyone around me living a great life. Having actively studied and practiced multiple applications for human empowerment and transformation for nearly 10 years, I'm continually on the look out for ways to share what I've experienced and learned with as many people as possible. I'm particularly excited by models and methods that both allow people to tap into their internal wisdom AND offer depth and impact in a simple and digest-able form. Find out more on that by clicking on the button to the right.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret in the world of health coaching. The coaching conversation, on it's own, rarely generates the change that people want to experience. You see, we coaches primarily deal with our clients' perceptions (of themselves and their health, body and world) and their behaviors in those same arenas. For a select few of my clients, this is nearly all they need. In talking regularly, over time, they begin to take different actions and shift their reality relatively smoothly. For many others however, this is not enough. Sometimes we need to place a more intense focus on behavior (the regular and repeated actions they take). Sometimes on the way their life is set up in general (their schedule or their relationships at work or with friends and family).

The bad news is that it takes some time to unlearn the strategies for mere survival and "symptom solving" that many of us have developed when it comes to our health and quality of life. The good news is that, if we keep at it, we always unlock the unique recipe for change that we each already have (and have probably even used a few times!) but weren't consciously aware of.

So, are you curious as to what easeful change can look like? Are you willing to stop tolerating a less than fabulous life? I'm here when you're ready.

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I've long resisted supplementation of any substance beyond concentrated superfoods. But times, they are a changin'. I'm learning more and I want to share it with you. That said, here's what you can count on. I'll never talk about or recommend a supplement that I haven't personally tried in my own body. The one I'm testing out at the moment is a relatively newly available one called
l-arginine. Give it a look if you're curious.

3 Things To Consider:

  • 65% of adult Americans (approximately 150 million) label themselves supplement users.

  • Recent studies that compared the mineral content of soils today with soils 100 years ago found that agricultural soils in the United States have been depleted of 85%(!) of their minerals.

  • Organic industry standards address production methods that reduce toxicity and avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. However, neither the USDA nor the organic industry standards address the nutritional quality of food.

To date, supplements (food grade or otherwise) have not been discussed in this newsletter. That said, I've recently begun experimenting on myself with something called L-Arginine, which stimulates the production of (already naturally occurring) nitrous oxide (NO) in our bodies. More to come in future newsletters as to what affects it's having! For now:

"Though NO's structure is simple, nitric oxide is now regarded as the most significant molecule in the body, absolutely crucial to your well-being. I am convinced that nitric oxide can age proof your cardiovascular system, keeping it much fitter than your chronological age would indicate". -Dr. Louis Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1998)

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