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Balance: Redefined

A trip to the one-week-old Chipotle on Charing Cross Road in London has provided the "spice" for this month's focus article. First, I must say that my partner and I have been awaiting the arrival since even before we picked up and moved to this side of the pond! So, headed to Soho on the Tube, I found myself ruminating on the balance struck on a daily basis. As someone who chooses to walk his talk (and, being a health coach and wellness educator), I took a look at all the ways I find balance. The balance between convenience and quality. The balance between conscious choice and well worn habit. The balance between principled action and wild abandon!

I've been quite rigid and rigorous in my health and nutrition thinking in the past (I managed to live meat-free for 3+ years). I've also experienced the disappointing lack of results during those times when I haven't thought through where I stand and taken actions consistent. So, I appreciate the importance of finding balance.

Here's where I'm at. What if balance, rather than being about diluting the two extremes until they become a muddied middle, is about continually exploring and pushing the boundaries at both ends? Taking the example above, by continuing to ask questions about, and dig deeper into, the world of nutrition and food, I deepen and strengthen my appreciation for the power I have to regularly enhance the quality of my life. AND, when I remember to turn off the question generator that is my mind, I have a lot more time to enjoy all that enhanced life I've generated! A paradox? Maybe. And if so, I find the best thing to say to a paradox is: Yes!

Which brings me back to Chipotle. They source antibiotic free meat. Most of their beans are organic. They're even collecting rainwater to irrigate the surrounding landscape! So, they've got answers to a lot of questions I'm asking. And then, when I turn off that endless loop of questions and tuck in to a barbacoa burrito bowl, I remember to stop asking and start chewing and smiling. ;)


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Seasonal Spotlight

This Month's Featured Food - Vegetable Salsa

3 things you didn't know:

  • The Mayans were making salsa thousands of years ago!
  • In 1991, salsa outsold ketchup as the most popular condiment in America.
  • There's nothing stopping you from adding zucchini (courgettes for the Brits) or squash to salsa to "spice things up" even more.

Click here for a British take on the recipe for this Latin classic!

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