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Have you Challenged your Beliefs Lately?

I teased this topic in the last newsletter. While I have dabbled with supplements in the distant past (vitamins) and I certainly enjoy a regular dose of super-foods, I've just recently challenged a strongly held belief. Namely, that taking concentrated supplements somehow means that I had "lost the battle" to keep myself healthy and vital solely via "naturally occurring" substances.

Then I decided to ask myself some different questions. What if there are some aspects of my health that are a result of my genetic make up? What if our minerally depleted food supply is no longer providing all of what we need to truly thrive? Different questions led to different insights and then a new behavior.

So, I'm having fun experimenting with an amino acid called l-arginine (a molecule that naturally occurs in varying degrees in our bodies). I spent a month having some of this powdered substance dissolved in a bit of water in the morning and again just before sleep. And, you know what? I'm grateful I did! I've noticed everything from more energy & stamina to a sped up knee injury recovery to an interesting sexual side effect (you'll have to send me an email if you want to know more about that). :)

So now, I'm pausing my intake to see whether these benefits persist. But here's my takeaway: It pays to consciously pry one of my "truths" from it's position of authority and chuck it out the window (even if only for a month) to see what happens.

What beliefs might be holding you back from experiencing something new, exciting and unexpected? What rules are keeping you from a fuller experience of an empowered you? I dare you to let one go!

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Homemade Hummus Alternative

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I dove into making something at home that I normally just pick up at the grocery store: hummus! Click here for an alternative recipe.

3 Things To Consider:

  • There are more than 4,000 distinct cultivated bean types in the United States alone!

  • Red and kidney beans are poisonous if eaten prior to cooking.

  • In addition to certain spices (coriander, anise and cumin) which aid in bean digestion, there is a mold that produces enzymes which can counteract the gas-producing penchant of beans. :) This enzyme can be found under different brand names in different countries (beano, anyone?).

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