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Why Be Healthy?

I sometimes get asked why I'm so interested in health and wellness or why I've made focusing on it such a large part of my life. There are more answers to this question then there is room for in this newsletter. For starters, I genuinely enjoy learning about the miracle that is the human body and how beautifully choreographed it's mechanisms are. Then there's the narcissistic part of me that would really prefer to age well and slowly. :)

But mostly, it's the "side effects". I can say with confidence and conviction that I have had the experience of my vitality increasing as time passes. The more I focus on health and wellness, the better I feel and the richer my experience of life gets. This, to me, is really the only reason I need. It comes down to one simple truth. With vitality, all else is possible. It provides the foundation for living life fully, outrageously and passionately. I take risks I likely would not have taken otherwise because I have a level of trust in myself (my body, and the life strategies at my disposal) that I'm up to the task. And I want that experience to be available to as many people as possible.

And so, as the subject line hints at, I'm going on tour! My partner and I will be taking a road trip across the United States in August/September prior to our move to Barcelona. We're looking at stops in New York City, Rochester, Detroit, Kansas City and Denver. And, I'm open to suggestions! :) Stay tuned for a new page on the website which will include a blog. And, check out the Events page for details as they firm up. If I don't get to see you at some point along the way, you can join one of the webinars and get a life boost!

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There is a significant amount of evidence to support the assertion that the specific characteristics of our blood can impact how we digest and absorb nutrients. Read on for more...

3 Things To Consider:

  • Roughly 80% of people secrete the antigens for their blood type into their saliva and other bodily fluids. I've recently found out that I'm in the minority.

  • No Native Americans have a blood type other than O or A. This is because their ancestors emigrated to the Americas prior to blood type B or AB existed.

  • Lectins are tiny, sticky molecules found in foods. Research shows that your blood type (and other factors) can impact how much of these potentially harmful molecules attach themselves to your intestinal walls, inhibiting nutrient absorption.

"The Change Without Suffering webinar has me looking at my life through a new lens. It's a different way of understanding myself and Matthew presented the material in a crystal clear and thought provoking way - well worth the time!" - Kathy G., New Hampshire, U.S.

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