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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

I've set up the next two months of my life to be inherently and intensely varied. My partner and I will be closing one chapter of life in London, embarking on a five-week road trip of the U.S., and then taking another road trip from London to our new home in Barcelona.

While I understood conceptually the intensity of this shift, something occurred recently to "bring it home" as it were. I thought that an income stream, which I have come to rely on, was going to be gone by early next year. Suddenly, I was feeling fear and shame! Who am I to think that my career could allow this exciting and fun life and that I can take my eye off the ball, even for a few weeks?

After a series of conversations with some powerful and loving people in my life, I began to discern the lesson/reminder. Human beings are wired for comfort and survival. All things being equal, sometimes subconsciously, we'll choose certainty over uncertainty. The catch is, the magic of life is not available when we're living unconsciously, choosing certainty.

So, I took a big step back and started asking some questions that were uncomfortable. What's my long term plan for my career? What have I been settling for? What am I afraid of?

Here's what I get. Life is uncertain anyway. Why not be the author of my own uncertainty? The truth of the matter is, I know I'm a reliable attractor of finances. I'm a survivor by nature. We all are. AND, I can use this occurrence as an opportunity to stretch and grow one more time. :)

And, guess what? A couple of days later, I learned something new. It turns out the income stream was simply being diverted for a few months and will likely be flowing again in the near future. I couldn't help but wink back at the universe.

I invite you to create your own threat to your certainty. Develop your capacity to live in (even thrive on) uncertainty. If one thing is certain, it's that certainty is a mirage. Trying to grab it and hold on leaves us in the desert, always thirsty to quench what can never fully be sated.

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Spotlight On

Alternative Condiments

Getting bored of salt & pepper (or vinegar)? Read on for three fresh and healthy taste enhancers!

3 Things To Consider:

  • Milled Seeds, Nuts & Berries: We use a flax, sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seed mix with goji berries. Adds bulk to soups and taste to pasta sauce!

  • Liquid Aminos: Bragg's is the pioneer in this department. It's a non fermented alternative to soy sauce and contains up to 16 amino acids. See previous newsletter for more on why aminos are so great.

  • Green Nori Sprinkle: Containing all kinds of trace minerals and vitamins, dried sea vegetables are a staple in diets around the world. Add some every once in a while to soups and even stir fry's!

Sometimes the Wellness Path...

...includes a good "new-fashioned" road trip. :)
My partner and I have decided to spread the wellness, spread the love and have an adventure all at once! We'll be flying from London on August 6th and spending some time in New York City, Long Island & upstate New York before heading west. We'll be making stops to be with loved ones and share what I know in workshop settings. At the very least, I'll be delivering Somato Respiratory Integration workshops, 1:1 sessions and coaching clients as we go. Stay tuned for details as things firm up.

All the latest event confirmations will be posted here:

I do hope I'll have the opportunity to see you, serve you or just give you a hug!

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