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Bumping Up Against Our "Limits"

The Olympics have got me thinking. Well, thinking AND feeling. There is no other event that brings together so much of the best of human potential. And when I watch these people who are, literally, the best of us in their chosen sport, I think about how they must relate to "limits".

I imagine they've bumped up against the perceived limits of their ability so many times, they've lost count. They've dealt with naysayers. They've dealt with disappointments. They've dealt with defeat. And they just kept going. Kept at it. And, one by one, those "limitations" have melted away, or been busted through.

They realize, as all of us do at some level, that all limitations are solidified only in the mind.

Why have I been putting the word "limits" in quotations so far? Well, I'm not sure limits are what we think they are. They might not be working against us. There may be absolutely nothing bad or negative about them. In fact, they might be exactly what we've asked for. The challenges we've generated for ourselves as a function of moving in a particular direction in life. A direction of our choosing (whether fully consciously or not).

The last couple of weeks, looking from this perspective, has offered some big challenges and some equally big and profound breakthroughs. And I've concluded that if I'm going to continue to pursue a life full of adventure and boundary pushing, it's going to involve bumping up against more and bigger "limits". What perceived limitation from your past ended up being the biggest contribution to your life? What current challenge can you shift your relationship with so that it fuels you rather than drains you? I'd love to hear from you!

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Spotlight On

If you're on the hunt for a new summer salad option, look no further! This ancient grain of the Mayans upends the typical carb/protein ratio due to it's deceptive look & taste (grain-like) vs. it's actual nature (seed).

3 Things To Consider:

  • Natural quinoa has a bitter taste from naturally occurring saponins. Be sure to rinse yours well with warm to hot water before cooking.

  • Because the South American Incans held quiona to be sacred, the Spanish conquistadors forbade it's cultivation for a time.

  • 2013 has been declared International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations!

Are You Neglecting An Important Aspect of Your Life?

We sometimes think if we just eat the latest super-food or take the hottest new supplement, we'll achieve lasting wellness. The fact is, if we are ignoring a critical area of life (career, relationship, spirituality, etc.) no matter what we put in our body, the result will be something less than vibrant wellness. When you begin to pay attention to these areas and approach them newly, you find a deeper contentedness and satisfaction. And when you feel that way, it's significantly easier to make healthier lifestyle and food choices.

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