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Dwelling In Uncertainty


As I traveled across the United States and then moved from London to Barcelona over the past 7 weeks, most, if not all, of my reliable health supporting norms and patterns were disrupted. Pretty much the only habit that continued unchanged was brushing my teeth! :) While there were certainly many challenges during this timeframe, one of the most profound lessons I learned was that I don't always need to put quite so much attention on my health. Now, this was a big surprise. I'm a health and wellness coach. I've been putting attention on health and vitality for the past 12+ years! And, it's brought me so much in my life. How could it be that not doing that can be OK sometimes??

Here's what I'm becoming aware of. First, just like the earth goes through it's seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn, we human beings can become aware of the different seasons in our lives. Apparently, I'm in a season of "relaxing into", being curious and being a bit uncertain. And why might this kind of a season be useful? Well, what I'm seeing is that many of the conversations and habits that have gone unexpressed or unexamined in my previous season of being organized, structured and "making it happen" are now coming to the surface. There is space to examine these old patterns because my behavior and how I plan my time is not so rigid.

The other clear theme is that with all the visiting with friends and delivering workshops and coaching from the road, I slept less than usual while still having energy to enjoy and be productive during the day. I'm sure there are many contributing factors here. Summer does have longer days and we humans are naturally more active during these months. Not to mention, I've come to know and love a pharmaceutical grade amino acid supplement that's relaxing and repairing my circulatory system from the inside out! But I'm also noticing that all this uncertainty combined with less sleep time brought up all kinds of emotion (fear, excitement, anger, and pure joy!). All these emotions are new energy that I can tap into and fuel myself with during these days filled with unexpected challenges and opportunities!

So, I invite you to give up a little certainty over the next few weeks. Take a look at the bottom of the right hand column for details on a new forum where you'll have a chance to connect with fellow wellness journeyers (including me!) and share, connect and even support one another.


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Vibrant Health Community:

Let's kick things off with an inquiry! What do you currently do to consciously allow for some uncertainty in your life? If you're not currently allowing for it, what's one way you could? Join the conversation!

"Matthew created a framework for me during a time of much soul-searching and transition in my life. With his support, I was able to get clear about my priorities and work towards my goals - both personal and professional - in a way that felt manageable and a lot less scary. Matthew's cheerful nature, willingness to listen when I needed it, and ability to propel me forward when I needed THAT instead, created an invaluable support system at a time when everything in my life was changing." - Lara D. - Multiple Cities, Multiple Countries

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