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The Illusion of Time

Hola! Settling into a new country is one thing. I've done that one before (U.S. to U.K). But I'll tell you what, there's nothing like relaxing into a completely different rhythm...different cultural norms...a different language...different concepts of time!

If you don't know me personally, you may not know this, but I'm quite the stickler for being "on time" when I've given my word to someone. I've seen it as a reflection of my respect for others and, honestly, enjoy the power that I experience knowing that what I say mostly goes. Here in Spain, I'm being asked to take another look at this way of relating to time, to my word and to my expectations of how things/people "should" operate.

With all this in the background, I had a humorous moment while meditating the other day. I suddenly got (as an experience, not a concept), that we humans have completely made up the measurement of time! There is actually no such thing called "a minute" or "an hour" in reality. We created clocks. The whole thing is made up based on how long it takes this rock to get around that gaseous ball at the center of our solar system. And here I've been on a power trip, making myself better than others for being my word! I'm mortified and amused all at once.

And then I went one level deeper. Why would I have been going about life so focused on being on time? Is it because it creates the illusion/sense of control? Is it because our lives are so completely subject to random events, the influence of so many others, that having fealty to time was better than having fealty to nothing, or worse yet, chaos?

So, just consider it for a few moments. What if control and time are illusions? What could you do with all the energy that's currently being spent on controlling (or attempting to control) situations, people and events outside of you? What if some of that energy was used to dwell in and strengthen our inner state? An expanded capacity to flow with all that chaos rather than resisting it. Something tells me this is a worthy pursuit. Join the conversation on Facebook!

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"If you want change, this is the place to be! This has not only been about my relationship to food but really about my relationship to life. It has been a journey of self-discovery; of making conscious subtle changes which have made a massive difference in little time and have touched every aspect of my life. Matt has helped me to find my own strategies to create change, be self-aware, see what works for me, what does not work, and where I leak energy. You take a difficult situation, you add awareness to it, choose to use what works, and the situation simply shifts. That is the magic of it, change simply occurs! You do such amazing work, Matt! Thank you so much. :)" - Silvia R. - Bournemouth, England

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