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Give Yourself the Gift of Presence

On the heels of last month's exploration of meditation, I'm inspired to explore with you, a bit further, the value of applying one's conscious awareness. This time, however, I'm not talking about meditation. Instead, it's a practice I've been developing and focusing on this past year. It's deceptively simple, yet oh so rewarding.

Here's what it involves. Every once in a while, actually get out of your head. And what I mean is, realize that, almost all the time you are not actually being with the world. Mostly, you're assessing something about it, judging something about it or just not even being aware of it. I'm not entirely sure if it's being in a new city for the first holiday season or if it's my quickly deepening Kundalini yoga practice. All I know is that I'm more sensitized than ever to the magic of being with the world, other people and even myself. So, now, I just stop at random times during the day and look around me and breathe and just take it all in. This practice can last even just 5 or 10 seconds and still be incredibly effective. I sometimes do it while waiting for the light to change before crossing the street!

At this time of year when there is so much to distract our attention (new things to play with, festive gatherings and all manner of food and drink), it's quite possibly the best time to stop (once or twice a day) and just appreciate that you are alive, that you have whatever level of health that you have and that you have love in your life.

And, as a gift to you, I've dug back into the newsletter archives to share with you one of my end of the year practices. If you're interested in having a new appreciation for (and a sense of peace with) the year that's passed and a palpable excitement for the year to come, I invite you to give it a go!

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