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Your World, Well

Everything Old is New Again

I could have guessed a step as dramatic as moving to another country would unearth and bring to light some juicy life insights. Of late, I've taken notice of both the rejuvenative capacity, and prescient nature, of a life.

My partner and I have teamed up with our landlords to create a shared garden space in our neighborhood in north London. Having gardened for a few years between the ages of 10 and 13 or so, my thumb is greener than some. Suffice to say, I know my string bean seedlings from my pea shoots. So, I've taken the lead role in determining which veg is most likely to make it through the moist and less than fully sun soaked space that we have to work with here on the British Isles. As we progress from seedlings in trays to planting in the ground, a moment of reflection. As I step into the role of health and nutrition coach, how great that I've got this dormant green thumb! Is it possible that at the wee age of 10, a part of me already knew that I'd be a health coach later in life? Are we always planting the seeds of our future?

And then, as I write from my sister's apartment in New York City, another opportunity for reflection. I've returned for a long weekend to complete my Institute for Integrative Nutrition Immersion training. Now, since taking the leap across the pond, I've been called back to the States multiple times for work and for education. Each time, I've enjoyed myself, and especially the company of those I love. That said, I've felt no hint of the excitement I always felt for the many years I lived in NYC. This go around, an interesting experience! Everything old is new again. Somehow, the same streets, similar activities, and yet a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment. No longer of this place, I am free to enjoy it without a care to recreate the past. Old friends, annual rituals and the simple act of walking the streets are re-experienced, (re)ppreciated, revitalized. This access to vitality is new to me and exciting to have discovered. I invite you to see...what would it take to re-experience or (re)ppreciate where you are? See what happens if you approached your day as a tourist in a foreign land. This may not mean you actually do anything different. The eyes you use and the focus you bring will make all the difference!

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Seasonal Spotlight
This Month's Featured Food - Simple, cleansing smoothie!

Click here for what to do with some of these greens.

3 things you didn't know:

  • While the first U.S. copyright for a smoothie didn't happen until 1972, fruit smoothies have been served in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years.
  • There's no correct way to make a green smoothie! It's all about finding what works for your taste buds right now. This can change as your diet, the seasons and even your mood move through their natural cycle.
  • Green smoothies have one major benefit over green juices: FIBER! We like to keep things moving here at A Well World. ;)

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month: Let Go of Something That No Longer Serves You

We've got a lot going on in our lives. Lots of things to do, people to interact with and plenty of material concerns. If our current state is not one of vibrant wellness, we must consider that somewhere amongst all of that, there is something to let go of. Something is mucking up the works. It might be a conversation we've been avoiding, a cluttered closet, or an old habit that has worn out it's welcome. Address even just one of these and you'll find a newfound sense of lightness, more energy or, likely, that peace of mind that comes with just being able to say "Finally! Huh, that wasn't so bad. Next!".

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