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Perfect? What's Driving You?

So, a lot of times when I'm thinking about what I want to share with you, I have a broad idea and then I kind of let it sit in the background of my awareness for a day or two. This month, I felt it would be valuable to share about the importance of developing long term, regular practice(s). My own life experience and the experience of coaching hundreds of people has shown me that when a human being engages regularly with something/practices something, there is a cumulative benefit. For example, there are things that happen during my yoga practice that can be deeply emotional, profoundly inspiring and quite literally mind blowing. I'm virtually certain these experiences would not be possible if I had not been practicing consistently for the past 12 years.

So, there I was in the shower and this phrase floated into my mind. "Practice makes perfect". And I laughed. I thought, "Is this one of the sayings that's floating around in our collective sub-conscious about practices?! No wonder we're stressed out!" :) The goal is perfection and the way to get there is to practice?! What happened to practice for enjoyment? Practice for refinement. Practice as...well, practice?!

Here's the thing. If this is one of the ways we're relating to practice (whether it's physical activity, spiritual growth or business growth), we need to highlight and emphasize some new catch phrases to talk about practice! How about "Practice breeds performance" or "Practice promotes prosperity"? This marriage of practice with perfection is a major turn off, no? If we're always striving for perfection, we can't be satisfied. Mostly because we already ARE perfect underneath the wacky stories our sub-conscious and the external "problem-solution" culture feeds us every day.

Here's what I feel is most important to say about practice. Practice something. Practice anything. Honor yourself with enough love and respect that you give yourself the gift of regular, focused, repeated, intentional action toward your fulfilled future. And, this action does not need to take an hour per day. It can be as simple as a 3 minute morning meditation. I want to hear from you. What is the practice (of any kind) that you've been honoring most consistently?


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Click on over and share your answer to the following: "What is the practice that you have been honoring for the longest period of time in your life and what specific life result can you identify?" From among the responses, I'll choose one person who will receive a complimentary 30 minute "Effortless Change Power Session"!


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"During my time with Matt I really learnt to find honesty and truth within. The gift that Matt brings is a deep sense of empowerment and ownership of my life. I believe that being guided towards asking better questions of myself, digging deeper and relating my dreams to somebody created an insurmountable shift within me and the consciousness around me." - Zara B. - Ware, U.K.

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