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Turning Energy Into Energized

After spending a beautiful day in the blazing sun in Barcelona, I got to thinking about energy. Experiencing the seemingly limitless power of the spring sun reminded me of just how much energy that humanity has yet to tap into.

But it's not just external sources of energy that we've yet to harness. Just as I believe it's time to learn how to sustainably utilize the vast natural resources available to us to provide what is wanted to power our modern existence, I believe it's also time for human beings to learn how to tap into another kind of energy: the energy that resides in each of our bodies.

While there are incredible sources of energy outside of us (the sun, the love of another person, stimulants of every variety), I've devoted a good portion of my life to empowering people to look within. To that end, I've trained and practiced with a tool called Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) for nearly 10 years now. And in working with many thousands of people, I've found that those who develop their capacity to clearly experience themselves through greater awareness of their body, have access to far more energy than those who are not fully aware of what's going on inside. When they see, and, more importantly, acknowledge & accept, what's true for them in any given moment, resources that have been offline quickly come back online.

SRI is just one of many tools you can use to tap into your inner resources. Short bursts of exercise (jumping jacks, anyone?), deep breathing or even just changing up your posture or your surroundings for 2-3 minutes can often do the trick.

I'm curious, what is one reliable source of energy that you turn to (external or internal)? Have a look at the right hand column where you'll have a chance to share what you're up to and win a complimentary 30 minute power session with yours truly! :)


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Switch Up Your Energy Booster

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Removing Our Masks

We all hide aspects of ourselves from others. It's human nature, and frankly, it allows us to live in large groups amid all kinds of intense energy and activity, with our psyche intact. The dark side of this natural impulse is the inner tension that pretending promotes. When we forget we have our public masks on in our private relationships, we are withholding our truth from those that love us. And, over time, we begin to withhold it from ourselves. Discovering where we're pretending and beginning to take off some of those masks, is hugely liberating and contributes handsomely to vibrant wellness.

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