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The Practicality of Connecting to Soul

For at least 5,000 years, since humans in the Indus Valley began experimenting with the pre-cursors of yoga, a certain percentage of people in every age have been actively curious about/exploring what lies beyond the human mind and have been documenting that journey. My guess is that, up until then, we were quite satisfied solely with the pleasures of the flesh, the roller coaster of our emotions and the gradual expansion of our capacity to reason.

And then there is this concept/sense of something beyond; something that exists before and after our physical life. It seems to me that much of Western culture has maintained a particular view of soul for millennia. It's either something that is completely separated from our earthly lives (as in, we'll return to soul form after death) or is something to be shunned or ignored as the inquiry has little practical application. There can even be a pre-judgment of those who spend time engaging with the inquiry. It's this second view I'm most interested in shifting.

Beyond the sometimes downright ecstatic experience available when we connect with our soul, there are numerous day-to-day benefits of some kind of spiritual practice. These include a greater capacity to access peaceful states, the knowing that "all is well" even when the circumstances would suggest otherwise, and a more frequent experience of joy/happiness. These are clearly good things on their own. However, what a regular and personalized practice brings is something invaluable. The granting, in your life of this age old prayer:

"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference."

So, I'm curious. What practices do you have for engaging with your soul? What is one reliable way for you to "get out of your head"? I'll be sharing some of my practices over on the Facebook page. Share here and you might win an Effortless Change Power Session!

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Join the conversation and share your answer to the following: What practices do you have for engaging with your soul? What is one reliable way for you to "get out of your head"? From among the responses, I'll choose one person who will receive a complimentary 30-minute "Effortless Change Power Session"!

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Move That Body!

There are few things that challenge the ego/mind more effectively than a bout of prolonged, public dancing. :) When was the last time you let loose and let yourself be the object of strangers/friends smiles and headshakes as you bust a seriously funky move? If it's been longer than a month or two, it's time to make a date with the dance floor!

I'm excited to announce the launch of a YouTube Channel! As I continue to find new and effective ways of making a measurable difference in the lives of those I serve, it seemed that this was the right time to step further into the (lime)light. :)

I invite you to head on over to YouTube for a taste!


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