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Breaking Out Of Character

Are you anything like me? They call us Type A. Driven. Go getters. Reliable, hard working & caring. Always excited for the next project, person or experience. It makes for an interesting and exciting life. And then there's the darker side. The side that doesn't know how to (maybe doesn't even want to?) stop. The part of us that likes to spend a few hours or maybe a day in a little village called "satisfaction" but hasn't been able to find a house to settle in to. Or perhaps you're the opposite? Type B's certainly seem to have things figured out when it comes to enjoying the moment!

Whichever type you are, one way to access the less available parts of your personality is to pay closer attention to your senses. I'm learning what it feels like, looks like, smells like and tastes like when I'm not thinking about the future or something other than what's happening right now. Tuning in more acutely to my senses has turned out to be an excellent barometer for gauging what my body, mind or emotions might benefit from in the next hour, day or week.

What I'm finding is that when I'm present, I know exactly when to harness my productive nature and when to kick back, relax, and let ease, grace and creativity flow. You have a personal and natural rhythm in a day, a week, a month and a year. It's not rigid. It's fluid. If you learn how to respect it, there are rich rewards in your level of satisfaction. And here's the best part: sometimes relaxing is actually the best strategy for achieving results! I often notice a measurable bump in my financial realm during or after focusing on my own relaxation. Cool, right?!

As with most aspects of life, my lived experience is showing me that it's a good idea to have access to both extremes. To be able to be super productive is certainly an asset. But to then be able to tune out of the outside world and pay attention to my world can be equally as rewarding.

Tell me, do you consider yourself a Type A or a Type B? How in touch with your need for being productive or relaxed are you? Do you know when to switch gears? How do you know? Pop on over to the Facebook page and share your experience. You'll be entered into a drawing for a free 30 minute Effortless Change power session!

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Join the conversation on Facebook and share your answer to one or all of the following: Do you consider yourself a Type A or a Type B? How in touch with your need for being productive or relaxed are you? Do you know when to switch gears? How do you know? From among the responses, I'll choose one person who will receive a complimentary 30-minute "Effortless Change Power Session"!



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"We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die." - Albert Camus - Nobel Prize winning author

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