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The Roots of Our Stress

I'm going to assert something about you. It's generally easier for you to say yes to someone else's request for your attention or time than to listen to the subtle requests for your attention from your body, emotions and mind. I can assert this because I know that this tendency is rampant throughout the Western world and, increasingly so, even beyond. And it's understandable...we don't generally make the best choices when we're stressed. And boy, are we stressed!

Humanity has always had its share of stress. For millennia we were constantly worried about whether we would have enough food to eat to last the winter and whether we could defend ourselves from the nearest tribe or clan. Because of all the struggle and physical challenges the vast majority of people had to deal with up until, really, the baby boom generation, we are deeply programmed (neurologically and culturally) to deal with information input in terms of how it could impact our if our lives depended on it. And this is because it used to be true that it did!

But, if you're reading this newsletter on your laptop, iPad or smart phone, I'm betting your basic survival needs have been met. What's happening now is that we are processing literally hundreds (and, for some of us, thousands) of requests for our attention from the external world every day. Email, advertisements, texts, app alerts, tweets and status updates. And that doesn't include the attention demanded by our children, lovers and family members. A digital and visual avalanche.

Now, here's the key part. If you do not actively (and I do mean with regularity and focus) pay attention to the "tweets" from your body, the status updates from your emotions and the emails from your mind, you simply cannot be operating at your fully energized capacity. And when you're operating in stress mode, you're just not living the best version of your life. This is where self compassion comes in. When you understand that our bodies and minds were built for a vastly different lifestyle than we're currently living, you can take a step back and have compassion for the challenges you are facing in managing all of this external input!

So, what are some of your daily or weekly practices for tuning in to your internal communications? Or, is there a practice you could start this week? If you're stumped, post in the comments over on Facebook and I'll respond! If you share with us, you'll have the chance to win a Free Effortless Change Power Session. Last month's winner was Michelle Rex from Clearfield, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.!

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Join the conversation on Facebook and share your answer to one or all of the following: So, what are some of your daily or weekly practices for tuning in to your internal communications? Or, what's one you could start this week? If you're stumped, post in the comments and I'll respond! From among the responses, I'll choose one person who will receive a complimentary 30-minute "Effortless Change Power Session"!



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For millennia, human beings ate what was available to them in nature. Over thousands of years, a symbiotic relationship developed between the vegetables we picked and cultivated, the timing of their ripening and our digestive systems. If you're feeling disconnected or bored with your food, head to your local farmer's market. What you see there is most certainly in season because it came straight from the ground that week!

Mind Expanding Quote

"I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear." - Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

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