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Moving From Me to We

So, as you probably know by now, I'm writing a book. When I ask you to picture someone writing a book, what image comes to mind? Do you see someone slaving away at their home computer? Or, perhaps, you picture some idyllic rural setting where the writer is soaking up the inspiration only Mother Nature can provide. In any event, I'd wager that you imagine the whole affair as a solitary one, with the exception of some interaction with an editor and, if the author is lucky to find an audience, a book signing tour. ;)

Well, this vision of being an author or book writing was wholly unattractive to me. Don't get me wrong. I'll be spending plenty of days and nights at my computer and I'll probably be escaping to some natural settings when I need an inspirational boost. But the traditional concept of an author pouring out their accumulated wisdom in seclusion and then sharing it with the world, is just not for me.

So, instead, I've invited the reader in so they have the opportunity to have a boost in life satisfaction by experiencing, in real time, designing their very own satisfied life. Dozens of people are already on board and more are jumping on every day. If you are interested, just click here and let me know!

As I thought about why this way of writing was so interesting to me, it hit me: It's because it keeps me connected to those that I aim to support. It takes the project from me to we. It's a structure that constantly reminds me that when I am in action, doing what I love, and making a difference in other people's lives, I'm connected to the vast energy of my soul, my highest self. And that is an energy source that is virtually limitless! So, I have an important question for you. How do you access this energy that you have available to you? What can you do this month to begin leveraging the latent energy of your soul? What are you designed to support others with? And this inquiry doesn't have to be all "woo woo" and airy fairy. It can be very concrete and practical! Feel free to reach out on Facebook to share your ideas or ask your questions!



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Seasonal Spotlight

Saunas & Steam Rooms

Now that we're in the deepest, darkest, coldest part of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts turn to how to keep warm. Saunas and steam rooms can help with not only that but also pain management, muscle relaxation and promoting an embodied sense of well-being. I'm enjoying these weekly and loving every minute of it!

Want a quick hit of inspiration and a simple structure for deepening your relationship with your life's purpose? Check out this TED talk on the subject.

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