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Take It Easy! Summer Slow Down

The signal from Mother Nature couldn't be any clearer. Temperatures in the 80's or 90's (high 20's or low 30's for the Celsius crowd), humidity levels up and so many more hours of sunlight to both enjoy and accomplish our goals for the day! It's interesting, this summer paradox. We are likely feeling more energized and excited. Maybe we've shed some weight or are feeling freed up after having hunkered down during the colder months. However, the natural pace of the season seems slower.

One thing is clear, no matter what the season. We've got to allow space and time for the body to rejuvenate. I recently completed a three week period of rather intense expending of energy. I worked in three countries, on two continents serving hundreds of people. I suddenly realized I had "hit the wall"! The battery was losing strength. I received the signal and then had a choice. I could either figure out what I needed to do to fix this problem...OR, I could surrender to the whims of my body and heart. I chose the latter. How this looked for me was a bit of time giving back to my local community, a lazy afternoon + a drink with friends and lots and lots of physical strengthening and stretching. That was my recipe. And, I was even able to get a bit of work done in between!

Next time you receive an incoming message from your body (yup, your body sends you information every day, just like your email account and facebook wall! ), how will you answer? Will you allow what you really need, deep down, to unfold? For more on this (excerpted from my report "10 Barriers to Vibrant Wellness"), read on.

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Seasonal Spotlight
This Month's Featured Food - Summer Salads

Click here for some innovative salad ideas.

3 things you didn't know:

  • In general, raw food is so much more easily digested that it passes through the digestive tract in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it takes for cooked food.
  • Contrary to popular belief, vinegar is not a pre-requisite ingredient in salad dressing! Substitute tamari sauce or even soy sauce for a different taste.
  • It's simple to superfood-ify your salad. Look for a milled flaxseed and goji berry blend or simply add pomegranate seeds.

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month:
Are You Listening To Your Body?

Ever had a muscle cramp more than once in the course of a week or two? Ever noticed that your sinuses get clogged every time you eat ice cream? Our bodies are sending us signals all day long. When we don't listen, we've missed an opportunity to inquire into what is really going on. When you start listening to your body as if it was infinitely capable and wise, it's surprising what you can learn. And often, a relatively small shift in behavior or in what you eat or drink can answer that signal appropriately.

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