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Your World, Well

Change Is The Only Constant

For the past 4+ years, I've been sharing with you on a nearly monthly basis via this newsletter. Sometimes I've shared personal stories of growth and transformation; sometimes a distillation of timeless wisdom that I've had the privilege to connect with; sometimes practical tools; sometimes information. Always, I've shared with the intention that you are stimulated to go further in your exploration of yourself and your world. Always, with the desire that you experience an ever deepening sense of satisfaction, power and peace in your life.

As I evolve and as both what I offer and the way I offer it to people evolves, it's now time to evolve how I communicate with you. And so, moving forward, I'll be moving to a blog format for sharing. So, instead of receiving a fully-fledged newsletter, you'll instead receive the first part of what I have to share. The rest will be located on the blog on my website.

As part of this shift, I want you to know that the frequency that I share with you may no longer conform to the promise I made to you when you signed up for this newsletter. And, I don't yet know how frequently I'll be sharing as this is a period of evolution and the new rhythm of sharing is not yet known! :)

Here's what I do know: I'll be sharing predominantly around the concept of my upcoming book about life satisfaction. This will include a significant increase in sharing of practical tools for conscious living. Tools that you can use to measurably increase your experience of satisfaction in life.

I invite you to continue to walk with me on this journey of every expanding life satisfaction. It's my honor to walk with you!



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Seasonal Spotlight

Preparing For Spring

Spring Cleaning
Are you tired of winter? Well, instead of lamenting that it's not over yet, why not get a head start on spring cleaning?! I've come across this fascinating, challenging and potentially life changing game. It starts March 1st! Click here to find out more.

Practical Tools for Satisfied Living

As the virtual workshops (part of the research for the book) continue, I want to share with you a tangible result that one of the participants generated engaging with two of the Four Pillars of Life Satisfaction (Body & Self):

"I just came off from my second group call and felt empowered and ready for change. As I turned around I was met with two of my children 'zoned out' and spiraling into a void of xBox and mobile phones. Nooooo... I heard myself plea, and promptly instructed them both to give me a hug (the 1st of our 10 for the day) and then do 20 star jumps. Reluctantly they obliged and ended up in a pile of giggles on the floor (not easy for a 13 & 18 yr old).

They then willingly zipped on their bikes and rode off for a jaunt. Ahhh. I believe I used something for the Body to engage something for the Soul. Job done xx"

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