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Your World, Well

Expanding Selective Awareness

Have you ever noticed how your senses and brain can team up for what I call the "slow slide to sloppiness"? It goes like this. You've recently performed a thorough cleaning of your bedroom. A few days go by and there are some pieces of paper on the night stand and a some semi-dirty clothes hanging off a piece of furniture. You think to yourself "I should probably take care of that stuff before I go to bed". Then, you don't. 3 days later there are some more odds and ends on the night stand and a couple of articles of clothing that need some repair in a pile in the corner. "This weekend, I'm gonna spend 15 minutes tidying up the room". You don't. A week later, you plop your bag from a weekend trip against the wall and empty it halfway and you can no longer see your night stand.

I've got good news for you! It is not sheer laziness that is solely at work here. There is an actual neuro-biological reason why all but the most rigorously cleanly of us repeatedly go down this well worn road! We are designed to survive. Our brain and senses are designed to select and screen for what's new and different (and possibly dangerous). Once you are used to seeing those clothes and things on the nightstand, they dont even register in your mind when you're looking at them! And this goes far beyond keeping our living space clean. We do this gradually, slowly, over time, lowering our standards for ourselves, our familes, our communities, and the world.

So, given that we're wired up to narrow our views (what we see and then, of course, what we think about), I'm devoting this newsletter to expansion! And, I'm going out on a limb here and risking that you will judge the source, the information, me or all three! ;) I encourage you to relate to this information as something to consider, not as the truth. The information may well be true, however I say its in our considering a thing and looking further (if were curious), that the tendency toward tolerating what's not working in our world gets interrupted. Take a look in the right hand column for links that may open your eyes and perhaps see something that was there all along.

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