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Your World, Well

If You're Not Stepping Up, You're Sidestepping The Magic of Life

Last month, I ran the risk of disturbing people's sensibilities with a series of links to content which could be considered political or controversial. I came away unscathed! So, this month, I'm taking it a step further and speaking directly to one of the most dangerous entities in the world...your ego! ;) That's right. The one that's reading these words right now. Almost always, we are filtering our world through the eyes of our ego. Our internal chatter. Our learned way of listening. We filter for what makes sense, what fits and what we're already comfortable with. This way of listening limits what is possible in our lives.

Now, there's nothing wrong here. It's completely natural and really, completely understandable, given what humanity has had to deal with to survive and evolve over tens of thousands of years. The thing is, listening exclusively to the ego keeps life rather safe and boring. There's a whole future that is available that we don't consider because we're surviving.

So, how to begin unfolding and accessing that future? One way to do it is to take on something bigger than yourself! Now, this can sound counter-intuitive in the ego's view. The ego always has LOTS TO DO and loves to look at what others are doing (or not doing) rather than what it's doing. That keeps it in business. A life of service and grace puts the ego into hibernation where it hates to be.

I've recently been reminded of a counter-intuitive phenomenon. See if you can relate. Even when it appears as if my life is completely full to the brim, when I get excited and in action around something bigger than myself, I have an experience of contentment and peace, not just in that area of life that I've taken something on, but in all areas of life. And, even as life around me is kicking up a fuss! It's one of those paradoxes. Better yet, I no longer need to understand it. Instead, I'm enjoying it and leveraging it in my life.

Now, even if you haven't had this experience yet, my challenge to you (your ego and the You that's behind it) is to take something on this month in the area of your vitality, health and well-being! Make October the month you took the leap to an even larger version of you. You can start a bi-weekly rotating potluck with some friends. You can give your time harvesting at an organic farm. You can form a jogging club in your apartment building. The possibilities are infinite! As always, I'm here to support and coach you along the way toward your biggest self.

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This Month's Featured Food

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3 Things To Consider:

  • Eggs that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are produced from chickens that are fed kelp (a type of seaweed)

  • A study at Tufts University concluded that white button mushrooms may promote immune function by increasing production of antiviral proteins that are released by cells while seeking to protect tissues

  • Turmeric, and its active ingredient curcurmin, has been shown to "reduce inflammation by lowering histamine levels and possibly by increasing production of natural cortisone by the adrenal glands," according to the University of California at San Diego

"I met with Matthew over the course of nine months, and throughout that time, I have come to develop a completely different relationship with food, others, and even myself. I've had body and weight issues for as long as I can remember, despite trying any diet under the sun and exercising regularly. Within the first couple of sessions under Matthew's guidance, we were able to unpack some of the underlying causes for my unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. He opened my eyes to all of the nutritional possibilities that I was missing out on and helped me come to terms with the emotional factors affecting my sense of self. My entire approach to living my life has shifted--when it comes to weight loss, I'm more in touch with how different foods affect me and I take a moment to think about what (either physically or mentally) I might be "craving" in that moment. I'm now not just a lot healthier but happier, too." I.D. N.Y.

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