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A few years ago, I followed a practice that had a notable impact on my day-to-day life. I spent five minutes each day with the intention to both "consciously create" my day and focus on what I was grateful for. So, I'd sit down with my eyes closed, typically in the morning. Not long into this practice, I noticed something surprising. On the days that I spent the majority of the 5 minutes focusing on the conscious creating aspect, I was generally productive and energized. However, on the days I spent the majority of the 5 minutes on gratitude, I was much more likely to experience joy and contentment, regardless of how much I had gotten done. And, there was a bonus; what I call mini-miracles and synchronicities were far more frequent. You know, those occurrences and moments that make you grin from the inside out.

So, the ratio of time I spent focusing on what I wanted that I already had relative to what I wanted that I didn't yet have is an important ratio to keep an eye on. I'm calling this the G-Ratio. (time spent focused on gratitude: time spent focused on what you don't yet have). What's yours? 1:100? 1:50? 1:20 max?

Here's the thing. The universe is abundant. And, it's bored with empty space and nothingness. It will fill it as quickly as possible with whatever it is you are focused on. One way to create a powerful vacuum around you is to acknowledge all about your life that's working. How does this create nothingness? By accepting what's so, you are doing no resisting and not adding anything (thoughts, emotions, energy) to what's already there. You are simply acknowledging it. And, in doing so, you may surprise yourself and have an actual emotional experience of gratitude!

I invite you to up your G-Ratio this month. What about your health, your nutrition and your life can you spend time acknowledging and being grateful for? Let me know what you notice! Can you make it to 1:1? Maybe you can even flip that ratio on its head! ;)

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Spotlight On

Giving Thanks

Sustainable Thanksgiving
Click here for some sustainable Thanksgiving ideas

3 Things To Consider:

  • Ever wonder why you feel so satisfied after a large and varied meal? Well, it's possible it has something to do with hitting all the major tastes that we're sensitized to! A Thanksgiving feast provides the opportunity for sweet (e.g. pumpkin pie), salty (typically in the gravy or directly on the turkey), bitter (e.g. asparagus) and sourness (e.g. apple sauce).
  • Feel like bucking tradition? 90% of American homes eat 45 million turkeys on Thanksgiving. There are lots of great alternatives including duck, venison and yes, Tofurky!
  • You are consuming a significantly different amount of protein and fat depending on what part of the turkey you eat. Turkey breast without skin is highest in protein and lowest in fat while dark meat with skin is three times the fat and provides less protein.

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month:
Missing Essential Nutrients?

Oh, those cravings we get! The ones that sneak up on us late in the evening...or right around the same time every day at the office. Chocolate...crisps/chips...a strong tea or coffee. Consider that they are signs from our bodies. And no, it's not a sign that our body needs that sugar-laden treat to function properly. ;) Consider that it is a sign that somewhere in the day up 'til now, we haven't given our body what it really needs. And now, it's going to take whatever it can to get through the day. On the other side of this craving is a deeper nutritional need that, if you ask some different questions, will provide some different, and far more fulfilling answers.

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