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New Year, New Tradition

You know how it is this time of year. It's both a time of reflection on the year just passed and, traditionally, a time to attach oneself to some kind of resolution about the coming year. While a harmless idea generally, this resolution tradition often mutates into either something we are running away from/saying "no" to, (see last month's newsletter for more on that) or, some kind of hopeful, wishful, dare I say "airy-fairy" concept that we know we'll forget not long after we wake up on January 2nd!

There's another way. I'll share what I'm getting up to over the next couple of days. First, I'm going to take a look at 2010 and get myself to a place of ease and grace with it. How to do this? Well, I'm going to make three distinct lists. First, everything I accomplished that I had set out to accomplish. Second, everything I accomplished that I hadn't set out to. This one is really important as it shines some light and provides a bit of space for the next one. ;) And third, everything I set out to accomplish and did not accomplish. The key to this exercise is to spend enough time so that you've allowed your sub-conscious the space to cough up anything you are holding on to about how the year did or didn't go. This last bit can provide some great fodder for the next segment.

Now then, 2011! I'm going to keep it really simple. First, I'll picture myself during the holiday season of 2011. I'm with family and friends or in some exotic locale (or both!). I'm satisfied and proud of myself. Now, I look back. Who was I being during the year? Like, on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis. Was I being joyous? Determined? Excited? Loving? I get to choose the ones that would leave me most satisfied and proud at the end of the year! Then, once I've zoned in on one or two ways of being, I'll take pen to paper one last time and write down what my life looks like from the lens of those ways of being. So, this is where you can speculate on the nuts and bolts of how life will look this coming year if you were being joyous or being determined. Just write for a page, maybe two. Free flowing, no judgment. Describe your days. See what shows up!

Last thing. You can employ this exercise any day of the year! Yup, even January 15th! We get to amend our life at any time. It's ours to play with, after all! This exercise assists us in getting present and allows for regular course correction for smooth arrival at our end of year destination!

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3 Things To Consider:

  • The British Empire operated under two different calendar systems (Gregorian and Julian) until 1752. Not to worry, while there were two systems, they still celebrated on January 1st!

  • Fascinating research regarding traditional New Year's Resolutions

  • The Balinese celebrate a new year with 24 hours of silence, fasting and meditation in March. The respect for the day is so strong that the airport closes and no tourists are allowed on the beaches!

Vibrant Wellness Tip of the Month:
Too Many Rules!

Don't eat carbs before going to the gym! Eat protein after! Don't drink water while you eat! Drink more water! Chocolate is bad for you! Chocolate is good for you! We can drive ourselves batty listening to each and every new piece of scientifically backed and media disseminated tip of the day. Every once in a while, it's critical to throw it all out the other ear and do what you feel! Vibrant wellness is not an's you: unleashed!

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