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New Webinar - Your Best Year Ever


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What's your success rate when it comes to reaching the goals you set for yourself? 30%? 50%? 5%?!

If you're a human being and you have intentions, goals or plans, you've almost certainly experienced what it's like when progress is sluggish and energy wanes.

What if you could begin to understand why it is that progress sometimes speeds up and sometimes just stops dead in it's tracks?

I invite you to a webinar that will open your mind and offer a clarity that's been missing. In fact, you are guaranteed to have an "ah ha" moment!

We'll spend 90 minutes together uncovering one of the 5 most reliably useful self transformational tools I've ever encountered to create massive, sustainable shifts in my life. And it works time and time again.

To participate fully in this webinar you'll need a reliable internet and audio connection to view the presentation as this is not a tele-conference but a fully interactive visual and audio experience.

"This webinar has me looking at my life through a new lens. It's a different way of understanding myself and Matthew presented the material in a crystal clear and thought provoking way - well worth the time!" - Kathy G., New Hampshire, U.S.

Here's what you can expect to hang up the phone with:

"Matthew's webinars are incredibly helpful and fun. The tools covered are simple, yet powerful. What I like best is the way I'm always learning something new about myself in a loving way AND seeing what to do to move that one step (or more) forward. These ideas will change your life, if you let them!" - Lori H., New York, U.S.

This is your opportunity to come and share your challenges (always a powerful step on the wellness path), learn something new and expand your awareness of how you "do you".

I am thrilled to be with you on Sunday, 17th of February, from 1:30-3pm Eastern Daylight Time (6:30-8pm Greenwich Mean Time).

Investment: £3, €4 or $5

Remember: 10% of 2013 Is Already in the Past, But 100% of Your Future Is Ahead!