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WellPRO Coaching: Passion + Resource = Originality*

Matthew I'm going to make some assertions about you. You are someone who is aware of what you're capable of when you are in touch with your core passion. You understand that the energy to serve, to build a business and to shine is clearly not simply the sum of your technique and your business plan. You know that it requires a certain fire. A drive that comes from beyond your conscious mind. And it requires a level of health and vitality that is beyond the average.

So, how can you uncover and tap into those resources you're not yet aware of? Whether it be listening to your body, exploring your emotional range, creating congruence in your thoughts or tapping into your soul purpose? It begins with asking some new questions. And it continues as you begin to take the sustained and repeated actions that any lasting breakthrough requires. Finally, you do it with regular support from a coach that's done this work and shines a light on the choices you have to move forward. A coach that then hands you the mirror to focus your light into a laser beam which cuts through the fog and carves out a life and business of your own design.

Having coached hundreds of people, I know that the process inevitably leads to exactly the same place for each individual (though we each take a slightly different path). You'll end up right back where you started. With you. But, not the you that strives to survive. Not the you that just wants to be given the handbook and follow the pack. The YOU that knows exactly why you're here and what you're made of. The you that only unique, original YOU can be!

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*Originality: the ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability.